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Morel Decoys

These are not reproductions! Each one is an original work of art carved one at a time by our artists.

The mushrooms get their color from the motion of our carving tool (the black morels are also stained).

The wood is then sealed with a coat of exterior finish polyurethane.


 Morel Decoys single/no base (MD314)

$12.00 (each)

2 for $22.00

3 for $30.00

Carved from wood, we call them Morel Decoys. Each is individually carved from wood. We don't use molds, dies, or jigs so yours won't be quite like any other. We make them to resemble Esculentas (white) or Angusticeps (black). We don't think anyone really sets them out in the woods to attract the real ones. But we do know of one customer who has his wife hide them around the house in the winter to keep him in practice for next season. They are approximately 3.25" tall.

Featured in the Outfitter Section of Sports Afield - July 1996.

Morels Au Naturel

Morels Au Naturel have one, two, or three mushrooms nestled on a base of walnut or cherry (your choice).

Available with either white or black morels.

Morels Under Glass Limited Edition of 100 made per year. Each is signed by the artist, numbered and dated.Three of our carved morel mushrooms preserved in their natural habitat on a base of oak or walnut under a glass dome. Please specify your choice of either oak or walnut base.



 Single (MD315) $16.00


 Double (MD316) $26.00


 Triple (MD317) $36.00


 Morels Under Glass (MD303) $50.00

Limited Quantities. Signed, Numbered, & Dated




Morel Decoy Pins and Magnets

One-half of our famous Morel Decoys. Available in either black or white mushroom with a pin or magnet on back. Approximately 2" tall.


Magnet (MD318) or Pin (MD312) - $6.00.

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