Resin Morels

These resin reproductions are made with attention to detail that is beyond compare. Note: we use several different molds for each mushroom, so yours may or may not be exactly as shown."

Morel Lamp


The perfect additional to the Man (or Woman) Cave. The cast resin morel is a full 10" tall. We apply the color to the cap individually so it may vary. The base is also made one at a time from solid oak.

*We know you'll love the mushroom, but aren't sure you'll like our taste in the lamp shade itself. So, you will need to furnish your own shade. The one pictured is 8.5" tall and 10" in diameter at the base.

Morel Lamp $90.00

Giant Morel


Our largest cast resin morels get everyone's attention. We've actually found morels this tall (10"). Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Each comes with a stake to secure it into the ground.


Morel Rain Gauge

(RM654 & RM655)

What could be better for a morel lover's garden? Real ones maybe, but these morels and a glass rain 
tube that will measure up to 5 inches of rain, are very close. The morels and base are cast in resin so 
they are weatherproof. The morel on the single is approximately 3" and the taller of the two morels is 4" 

Single Morel Rain Gauge $10.00

Double Morel Rain Gauge $20.00

Instant Morel Garden™


Resin morels. weatherproof for outdoor use. Four beautiful resin morels ranging in size from 3 to 4.5 inches tall. Easily fool friends & family while adding a unique touch to your garden or lawn. Do not use in public areas as they have a tendency to disappear! They have a hole drilled in the bottom to place on a nail or toothpick and insert in ground

Instant Morel Garden™ $20.00

Big Morels


Three different styles of single giant morels - Over five inches tall. Weatherproof for indoor or outdoor use. Let us know which style(s) you prefer.


Style of First Morel

Style of Second Morel (If Ordered)

Style of Third Morel (If Ordered)

2 Morels on base


Great form for your mantle or bookshelf. 4.5" tall on a base of solid oak


NEW! Morel Desk Set


Identical to our Morel Double but will keep your ink pen always ready. Perfect for your desk or phone stand.


Morel Hat Pin


Sizes range from 1.25" (style C) to 2" (style A).

1st Hat Pin Style
2nd Hat Pin Style (if ordered)
3rd Hat Pin Style (if ordered)

Morel Magnet


Approx. 2.5" - 3.5" tall.


Morel Key Ring


Chain is cast into the morel so it is extremely durable.


Morel Christmas Ornament


Approximately 3" tall


Morel Bottle Stopper



Fan Pull


Chain is cast into the morel.